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Stephanie Benson Warns Young Men In Her Inbox, Because They Can’t Stand Her


Actress and singer Stephanie Benson has warned young men in her inbox to be careful what they wish for because she is something else down there.

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Apparently the singer who looks way younger than her age has been getting certain comments and messages in her inbox from potential ‘entanglements’.

According to her before you come to her and try to have such a thing with her, you have to prepare yourself well, giving them an example of how her vajay is like.

She said though she hasn’t tasted a Ghanaian ‘cucumber’, if she tries to have a feel of it then the person won’t come out again because her vajay is like a vice, that is the air that comes out when a hover is on.

Stephanie Benson went ahead to post the video she recorded sending out the warning with a caption that read, “To: My Potential Entanglements.


If you can put your Man Dingo into the SUCTION Of a Hoover, then you are ready to take on MY VICE GRIP OF HEAVEN.🧚‍♀️

Who’s brave enough?

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