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Put Some Respect On Samini’s Name – Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo


Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is a highly-revered entertainment journalist, consultant, PR expert and a showbiz critic in Ghana. He commandeers a vast experience in show business and related sectors that spans over a decade.

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He’s worked with almost all the major entertainment newspapers in the country and has also worked with various projects including the Ghana Music Awards, Radio &Television Personalities Awards and the GN Bank People’s Choice Awards.

Arnold in educating music lovers about dancehall icon Samini, he listed some facts on why people should really respect the African dancehall king.

Below is he wrote:

Some plenty years ago, I was watching this Nigerian show on Channel O and they had this programme that profiled artistes. That day, they were profiling an artiste that was big at the time, the talented Omawumi. The cameras followed her as she went about her daily routine.
She took the host to her studio session and in the studio, she had pictures of iconic African music stars. She explained to viewers her choice of those photos.
Among the photos of Fela, Makeba and Dibango was a photo of a Ghanaian music star. It was not E.T. Mensah, it was not Agya Koo Nimo and it was not Daddy Lumba. It was Samini!
Awed, I gawked at the TV, feverishly waiting on what Omamuwi would mutter about the Ghanaian photo.
“That is Samini, one of Africa’s biggest stars and he is from Ghana.”
Why am I blabbing this morning?
I don’t know the details of what transpired between Samini and Stonebwoy and I am not sure I would have counseled him to do live videos to address such matters.
That move opened him up for a lot of backlash and exposed him to many, I mean, many of these ignorant millenials.
In one of his videos, one viewer even called Samini a fool! Jesus Christ!
Listen, you ignorant dullard, you dim-wit, who, because of ‘fandom’, have no regard or respect for legends and what they have achieved – listen.
Boy, this Samini has seen and done it all. It could have been better but damn it, he has seen it all.
You think your artiste is ‘hot’ now err – very funny. Samini was King for years, plenty years and he is still here.
Oh you think your artiste has the biggest endorsement deal? Very funny. Samini had MTN in his palms. His fine face was on every scratch card.
Wait, you think your artiste has international appeal? Very funny. When Samini was winning the MOBOs, Channel O, MTV Awards among a plethora of international awards, you, yes, you, you were learning the vowels in ‘F.O.O.L’ in nursery.
Charlie, people do things oo, people do freaking things in this industry.
By all means, support whoever, criticize him if you have to but in the name of Christ, put some goddamn respect on his name!