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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a government-funded scheme that aims to help students with the payment of their tuition.

The NSFAS application process starts with the student applying for funding and then receiving an NSFAS consent form from the institution which they are interested in studying at.

This form must be signed by both parties before returning it to NSFAS.

NSFAS Status Check – How to Check If You Qualify for Financial Aid

NSFAS stands for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, and it’s one of the most common forms of financial aid that students apply for when they’re in college or university.

If you’re unsure about whether you qualify to apply for NSFAS, or if you just want to know more about your status with the scheme, this article will walk you through what you need to know about NSFAS status checks and how to carry them out properly.

nsfas application 2023

nsfas application

How to Check Nsfas Application Status

Application results will be communicated to all applicants once NSFAS received confirmation from the Institution that an academic offer has been made to you.

This will be communicated to you before the start of the academic year via SMS, email and through your myNSFAS account.

In order to access your NSFAS application status on myNSFAS:

  1. Login on the myNSFAS student portal.
  2. Enter your username and password,
  3. The next step is to click SIGN IN, here you can track your progress of your nsfas application whether you have been approved or declined.

Nsfas Wallet Registration & Allowance

How to Register for Nsfas Wallet (1st time users)

  1. Receive an SMS welcoming you to NSFAS Wallet
  2. Verify your account by dialing *120*176# and reply with your ID number
  3. Receive a password that you will use when transacting. Note that you need to keep this password secure at all times as anyone with access to your password may access or spend your money.

It is advisable to log in to Celbux.appspot.com with your 5 digit password and update your password to something more secure and memorable.

Do not keep or save your password on your cell phone and always keep your cell phone’s screen locked with a password or pin.

What you will need to receive your NSFAS allowances via NSFAS Wallet?

  • Your own cell phone and valid SIM card
  • You must sign your NSFAS Bursary Agreement if you are a new student to NSFAS
  • You will not need to withdraw cash to pay your landlord or any registered merchant.
  • Your NSFAS Wallet will allow you to withdraw cash and/or spend at any merchant registered by NSFAS. Allowance amounts are determined through consultation with institutions, communicated to NSFAS when you register.

When your NSFAS Wallet account is created by NSFAS, you will receive a “Welcome” SMS advising you to verify your account.

Ensure at ALL times that you have access to the cell phone number you provided to NSFAS upon application, as this is the number we will use to deposit your funds.

Should you wish to withdraw cash, you may do so at any of our cash withdrawal merchants, Checkers, Boxer, U-Save and select Spar stores.

Note that these stores have daily cash withdrawal limits from R200 – R1000 per day.

Spending at a registered store has no limit i.e. you can spend up to the maximum value of your cash wallet.

Nsfas online application

nsfas online application


To apply for financial aid through NSFAS, you need to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, log in and click on the Apply Online button.

Fill out the following form:

-Full name as it appears on ID document ;

-ID Number;

-Type of Student; -Current Residential Address;

-Nationality and Date of Birth (DOB) or Passport Validity Date.

-You can also change your password, contact information and upload your proof of identity documents from here.

It’s important that you read the FAQ before submitting your application to avoid delays with processing or missing deadlines for key deadlines such as late payment interest payments or fee waiver requests.

Start your nsfas online application here.

Who Can Apply for NSFAS?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a need-based financial aid programme. Students who are eligible to apply will have an NSFAS consent form sent by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

The consent form outlines the conditions of eligibility and application, as well as the NSFAS eligibility criteria.

What Are The Requirements For Applying For NSFAS?

To qualify for NSFAS, you must be a South African citizen or permanent resident who is enrolled in full-time studies.

You also need to have a gross household income of less than R6000 per month.

The Nsfas appeal process is a way of asking the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) Board to reconsider your application if you feel that your financial situation has worsened after submitting it.

The nsfas application form should not take more than 15 minutes to complete and then there are a few steps which can take up to four weeks before an answer is given.

What Documents Do I Need To Submit When Applying For NSFAS?

– NSFAS Application Form
– Proof of residence (e.g. ID, passport, driver’s license)
– Proof of identity (e.g. birth certificate, driver’s license)
– Proof of student status (e.g. letter from school/ college or transcript)

How Long Does It Take To Get An Approval Letter From NSFAS?

It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for your NSFAS status check to be processed and approved. However, you may qualify for funding even if your NSFAS status check is not yet approved.

What Happens If My Application Is Rejected By the Funders At NSFAS?

If your application is rejected by NSFAS, you can then apply for the University of Johannesburg Financial Assistance Scheme, which offers financial assistance only at UJ.

The scheme is funded by the university and does not take into account your family’s financial status.

You will be required to submit an admission offer letter from UJ before applying.

You must also fill out a form that includes information about your parents’ income, as well as their occupation.

Once all necessary documents are submitted, an assessment will be done based on these documents in order to assess whether or not you qualify for this financial aid.

When And Where Do I Need To Report Back To After Completing My Study Program And Vacation Through NSFAS Funding?

After you have completed your study program and vacation, you will be required to report back to NSFAS so that they can calculate the cost of your study program.

When reporting back, you will need the following documents:
– Copy of ID document (ID book or passport) – Copy of school certificate – Copy of vacation voucher – Acknowledgement letter from the institution where you studied

Are There Any Other Benefits That I Will Be Entitled To When I Have Received An Acceptance Letter From The Funders At The NSFAS?

Yes. Apart from the funding, you will be entitled to a monthly allowance of R1000 which is given in the form of a stipend. The amount is given as long as you are studying full-time and is enough to cover your living expenses.

How to Appeal for Nsfas

If you are not satisfied with your initial NSFAS decision, you may be able to appeal. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Get your NSFAS ID number and password

2. Log in to the NSFAS website

3. Click on Apply or Appeal

4. Click on Appeal

5. Complete the form and upload supporting documentation, if any

6. When complete, click Submit

7. Print out a copy of the email confirmation that is sent to your email address

8. Take this email confirmation along with a copy of your identity document (passport, driving licence) as well as proof of residential address (bank statement/receipt)

9. Take both items to your nearest NSFAS branch office

10. Show them both documents

11. Make an appointment with an NSFAS official who will then decide whether or not to grant you financial aid .

The process can take up to five days from the time of submission.

NSFAS 2022/2023 Appeals supporting documents:

If you would like to appeal your #NSFAS2022 application results, please download and complete the relevant required supporting document below and upload it with your appeal.

Nsfas Consent Form

To appeal your NSFAS status, you will need to fill out the NSFAS Consent Form and submit it with a letter of explanation.

This form is the only way for students who have been denied financial aid by NSFAS to appeal their status.

The process can take between 4-6 weeks, so please be patient and make sure you follow all instructions.

Can students with disabilities apply for funding?

Obviously Yes. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply for financial assistance.
NSFAS provides special disability funding to all approved students with disabilities at any of the 26 public universities or 50 TVET colleges.

The only requirement is that applicant’s household income must not exceed Six Hundred Thousand Rands per year.

Nsfas Contact Details

Contact the NSFAS Appeal Officer on 0800-472-1155 or send an email [email protected] with a copy of your latest bank statement, income statement and/or proof of residence document as evidence that you qualify for financial aid.