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Nobody Has To Die For Someone To Be King Of Rap – E.L Asserts


Rapper E.L believes that no one has to die for someone to take over as the ‘King of Rap’ in Ghana.

The rapper noted there is no need for someone to hold him or herself as the best rapper, indicating he does not also subscribe to the increasing spate of unhealthy rivalry in the music space.

Rapper Sarkodie on April 6, got the industry buzzing after he released ‘Sub Zero’, a track some Ghanaians alleged was a jab to rapper Ball J, Asem and dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

In the song, Sarkodie said another person can only take the rap crown when he dies.

Speaking in Skype interview with MzGee on TV3 New Day, E.L, who claims not to have heard the ‘Sub Zero’ track, noted that there is no best rapper in Ghana.

“Nobody has to die. Let’s just come down, nobody has to die for anything to happen. We are supposed to be making music and there is no competition in music. Music is supposed to be uplifting, it’s supposed to upset your emotions but with the other things that come with it that is why I don’t really like to take part in all the extra stuff,” he said.

The ‘Kaalu’ hitmaker revealed that he has heard rumours about beefs and all kinds of unfriendly competition but “if it is going to be competition, it should be competition that helps each other to grow and to develop”.

For him, he does not see a lot of that so he won’t get involved in anything like that.

Asked where he places himself in the Ghanaian rape space, E.L responded that he is in a class of his own.

He explained: “I’m just in a class of my own. I’m not for everybody I don’t want to be for everybody. I want to be for a select few who are actually enlightened enough and smart and intelligent enough to know what I am talking about. I don’t want to be mass production. I don’t want to be in everybody’s top five I want to be in the people who matters’ top five and the people who” matter are not many.

The rapper, who is out with a new video, ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben’, stressed that when it comes to rap, no one is the best.

“I don’t place myself anywhere the thing is as I have grown and I have come to realise that, when it comes to rap nobody is better than anybody. There is no best rapper. Rap is an art form and the thing about art is you can’t do arts better than anybody else…so all the competition that goes on and stuff, I’m in a class of my own… when I see those lists, it’s sad to me because people are getting boxed up and I’m just not in that class,” he said.