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My Step Sister Wants Me To Impregnate Her But Am Married And I Love My Wife


Emmanuel Nana Agyeman is in a confused state at the moment as he is being pressured by his own step sister to impregnate her badly even though he is married with his own family.

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I have been hearing about this kind of happenings but didn’t know i will be in this experiencing it at this moment. He said!!

According to Mr. Agyeman, the step sister had issues with her husband and she had to pack her things back home to live with the family so they can try and settle her marital issues with her husband. He said upon the sisters return, she was really in a bad shape hence he had to be there for her just so she gets back to herself.

She was really broken when she returned back home. She wasn’t ready to talk nor listen to anyone, I was the only lucky person she could listen to. We did almost everything together because my wife and kids were in the USA so i had some time for her.

We eat together, go for long walks and do things that will repair a broken person. For me, i was just helping my step sister to get back to herself but unfortunately, she was catching feelings rather.

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I noticed things were getting bad when she started asking me to join her in the shower and also she gets dressed right in front of when after she uses the washroom. Honestly, i didn’t have any intentions in me since i took her as my sister and knew nothing bad was going to happen.

Months gone by and i felt my sister was getting herself back since i noticed this, i started giving her some space just so i focus on my life and my family but this wasn’t what she wanted. She still needs my attention even though everything is okay with her, she sometimes pretend things are the same with her just so i come to her rescue.

I decided to live our family house to stay with a friend until some time just so we break that bond between us but that didn’t work since she calls and text me more than 30 times a day. This really got me bored because i cant keep this going since my wife and kids also needed my attention.

I asked my step sister to tell me what i can do for her just so she gets her herself up and move on since everything is perfect with her life.

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She told me that, i was really caring and showed her soo much love through her thick and thin difficulties and she got really used to me so she cant let me go just like that because she is addicted to me. The only thing that will break that bond between us to impregnate her, she wants to carry a piece of me in her.

This didn’t sound well to me since am a married man and she is also married even though she is having issues with her husband. What will happen to us if the family hear about this?

This is really hard for me to process in my mind, am still thinking of how to overcome this situation. I really need some help!