Modern technology gives us many things.

Mobile Money Is The Cause Of Many Ghanaian Girls Being Single In Ghana


Mobile money is an electronic wallet service. This is available in many countries and allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phone.

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This current technology introduced by Ghanaian based telecommunication company’s has given most Ghanaian women the norm to ask for transportation via the service whenever a gentleman ask them out.

Before, relationship was the sweetest thing in Ghana because there was nothing like send me money for transportation. A lady has to come to your house, then after everything, you hand over something small for her as her transportation and that was the beautiful thing about relationship back then. No lies, No Cheating, Nothing. If she needs money, she has go to her boyfriends place for money but not today.

Immediately you meet a lady and ask her out, she automatically see you as a mobile money vendor. You will hear excuses such as: Am Hungry, Dont Have Credit, Dont Know What To Wear, Dont Have Transportation etc. This excuses make most men back off from you and move on with their life.

Yes! you might have guys all over you, those who will send you any amount you want, but when you ask them for a relationship, you dont get it because they are in one already, they just want to have fun with you and leave your lonely self.

If Ghanaian women can scrap mobile money from their life, majority of them will live a happy life with responsible men taking good care of them.