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Marriage Is Women’s Big Retirement Plan After They’re Done Sleeping Around – Lady


A lady called Sharon Godwin has shared a bit of thought about what most women make of marriage and why it is the last resort.

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According to the young Ugandan YouTuber, women perceive marriage as a retirement plan.

In other words, after most women have slept with a lot of men and had all the fun there is possible, they see marriage as the last thing to do.

Sharon Godwin asserts that marriage is not of importance to most women especially when they are still young and are looking forward to exploiting their sexual and emotional fantasies before they give it a thought.

She tweeted:

Marriage is women’s big retirement plan after they’re done “having their fun” and sleeping around.

She had people who agreed and disagreed with her. However, there is an iota of truth in what she shared.

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Sharon Godwin