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Man And Woman Can Never Be Equal – Efia Odo


Ghanaian media personality, Efia Odo has said that she thinks a man and a woman can never be equal.

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Explaining why she thinks so, she tweeted that there are things that a woman can do that a man can’t do and vice-versa.

For example, a woman can give birth whiles a man can’t.

So those who keep fighting for the equality of both genders should simply stop.

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Efia Odo however pointed out that what is needed is respect for each other of the genders for their unique differences.

Read her tweet below:

“Man and woman can never be equal so stop looking for equality. All that’s needed is for every gender to respect each other for their differences. Men can’t give birth and women can’t produce sperm(naturally). So no, we can’t be equal but we can give each other equal respect.”

Efia Odo

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