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Goat Eats Church Bread Meant For Breaking Fast In Volta Region

Goat Eats Church Bread Meant For Breaking Fast In Volta Region

We received a shocking news from the Volta Region of Ghana this morning about a goat eating 15 loafs of bread meant for a church.

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Volta Region, is one of Ghana’s sixteen administrative regions, with Ho designated as its capital. It is located west of Republic of Togo and to the east of Lake Volta.

A church in the volta region has been left in shock after the bread they reserved to break their fast with has been eaten by a goat without their notice.

According to the narrator, the goat has been monitoring the church members ever since they packed the bread, church members could’t keep their eyes on the goat since they believed their bread was packed in a safe place.

The narrator told us that, he was sitting in his shop across the street whiles keeping his eyes on the goat. He said he wanted to see what the goat was going to do.

He lost focus on the goat due to a client coming in to his shop to buy something from him, All he could hear was people shouting and trying to catch the goat just so the owner will come and pay for the damages.

Upon asking a church member, he got to know that, the goat ate about 15 loafs of their bread. They didn’t realize it because they were busy praying.

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The goat was caught but what to do with it is another headache for the church members since they dont want to kill it neither do they want it to go freely.

We were told they that, the church members were waiting for the goat owner to show up but nothing happened after hours. They had to let the goat go and focus on the lords work.

This is really shocking to me since i have never heard nor seen anything of this sort before.