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Ghanaian Ladies Reveal Why Fathers Day Can Never Be Compared To Mothers Day

Fathers Day
Ghanaian Ladies Reveal Why Fathers Day Can Never Be Compared To Mothers Day

Father’s Day is a day of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic countries of Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 as Saint Joseph’s Day since the Middle Ages.

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Fathers day is just 2 days from now and most men are worried about this particular celebration since its not the same as mothers day.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

This has been disturbing to most men hence some decided to bring this question to social media just so they find out why fathers day isn’t as big as mothers day.

Below are what some women are saying:

Mavis Oseinyarko: There is nothing that can be compared to a mother. They are awesome being k3k3

Nora Asase: Hahahaha if you want father’s day to be recognized then you have to recognize all your children, whether by mistake, accident, unwanted or whatever you may call it. Then father’s day will be memorable as mother’s day. Tenkeew

Mhiz Precious Diamond: It’s because the cheating fathers have made themselves and the non cheating fathers look bad you see is not our fault

Fiattor Pearl: Pls just do ur homework well and u will know. No one has done anything. Why is it dat some Father’s even without de funfair r be celebrated

Ritha Steves Arthur: Mtcheeew. U men should hype urselves eh.

Cynthia Ahenkorah Agyei: Now that this post does not concern me nu let me use this opportunity to say a big shout out to my family both in Oda and Dansoman. Fathers Day apaska🤣🤣

Routhy Cisse: Actually a mother does more for a child than a father in most cases. And I think it’s also because a mother carries the baby for 9 month with all the pain