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Food Processing Companies In Ghana 2020


There are a number of food processing companies in Ghana. There are those that deal in fresh food and those that deal in the processing of raw agricultural produce. Some of the major food processing companies in Ghana have large production capacities due to the machinery and staff they have while others are small production units.

Many of these production companies today are start-ups. In this article, we will talk more about the food processing companies in Ghana as well as their location and useful contact information. We will provide you with names of food processing companies in Ghana.

Food processing companies are spread across the country but there are quite a number of them in Tema Ghana. The food processing companies in Tema, Ghana vary, with some being agro food processing companies in Ghana and others being fruits processing companies in Ghana.

Here is a list of food processing companies that function in Ghana.

1. Cocoa Processing Company Limited

Cocoa Processing Company Limited

Located in Tema in the Greater Accra region, it was started in 1965 as a cocoa processing company with three (3) factories, one being a confectionery factory and the two others operating as cocoa factories. The company has over the years proven to be one of the few well-managed state-owned agro-food processing companies in Ghana achieving great success.

Cocoa Processing Company Limited is an agro-food processing company in Ghana which processes products like butter, cocoa powder and liquor. Chocolate bars, chocolate dragée, chocolate spread, chocolate drinks, and chocolate couverture are also some products produced by the company.

In 2002, Cocoa Processing Company Limited presented nine of its products at the World Quality Selection and managed to score a gold in eight of their products while one received a silver rating. If you didn’t know this company produces the famous golden tree chocolate bars which include Kingsbite, Oranco, Akuafo, Coffeechoc, Protem pride, Protem nut Tettehquarshie (TQ) and Aspire, now you do.

Cocoa Processing Company Limited contact information

Telephone: +233-0303-212153 /+233- 0303-212154

Email address:

2. Nestlé Ghana Limited

Nestlé Ghana Limited

Nestlé Ghana Limited is a member of the Nestlé group with its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. The company produces a wide range of products from confectionary, to dairy products to cosmetics as well as pet food products. In Ghana, it started operations in 1957. Some of its products are Ideal and Carnation milk, Milo, Cerevita, Cerelac and Nescafe 3 in 1. The company is among the few with offices in Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and Koforidua.

Nestlé Ghana employs 1813 people directly. Nestle Ghana can be found on Plot 9, Motorway Extension, Adjacent Fiesta Royale Hotel, Accra, Ghana and can be contacted on +233 0303304181 / +233 244 330914. Further inquiries can be ascertained on their website.

3. NOBAC Food Processing Limited

NOBAC Food Processing Limited

This is one of the many food processing units across the country. The company is mainly into cultivation and processing of rice for export. NOBAC processes and produces grade A, 100% sorted and export standard perfume rice at its multistage commercial rice processing factory based in Tema in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

They are committed to ensuring the nutritional quality and improvement of locally produced rice. The company established in the year 2017 is in the process of applying for a license as a free zone company, and as a free zone-based company, it intends to export 80% of processed rice and sell 20% to the Ghanaian local market. It is categorised as one of the budding agro-food processing companies in Ghana.

NOBAC Food Processing Limited, one of the many food processing companies in Tema Ghana employs between 500 and 1000 workers depending on the levels of production of the company. They can be contacted by:

Phone at +233246585134,

If you want to reach them by post, NOBAC’s postal address is P. O. BOX BT 632, COMMUNITY 2 TEMA, Tema, Ghana.

4. Homefoods Processing & Cannery Limited

Homefoods Processing & Cannery Limited

This is a limited liability company focused on processing and packaging various ethnic foods for the export market. It is also engaged in the importation of partly processed food items for re-processing and packaging by fusing flavours and spices from around the world to suit both domestic and international markets.

It is a 100% wholly owned Ghanaian company with its state of the art factory at the Tema Freezone enclave. Felicia Twumasi, a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Homefoods. Homefoods commenced operations in August 1995 but diversified in 2009 by adding other products to its already existing Red Palm Oil.

Now the company is also engaged in the production of vegetable oil, gari and other food product lines like various food seasonings. The processing company works with over 5,000 co-operative women with the aim of empowering them and suppliers. Homefood’s major export destinations are Europe, America, South Africa, Gambia and Equatorial Guinea. In Britain,\ for instance, it has managed to keep a 70% market share in the Red Oil Palm business.

Homefoods is open for business from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m and 5 p.m.

Telephone: +233 302 303 914/ 302 325 570

5. Nkulenu Industries Limited

Nkulenu Industries Limited

With its production facility based in Madina, a suburb of Accra, Nkulenu Industries, is a leading food processing company in Ghana. It was established in 1942 by Dr Mrs Esther Ocloo (Nee Nkulenu). The company is the first indigenous food processing company from Africa to be officially certified in the USA and Europe.

Nkulenu cans almost all Ghanaian vegetables and foods. The most successful one is the “Palm Soup Base” for preparing palm soup and stews, which was developed in 1970 and launched at New York and London in 1972.

Nkulenu also bottles Palm Wine. Over the years, the company has won several awards including the 14th National Gold Award for Export Achievement in 2002. Nkulenu can be reached on phone +233302500923 / +2333042291127 or WhatsApp +233503062597, Email: or visit their website. If you want to reach them by post, Nkulenu’s postal address is P. O. BOX MD 36, Madina, Ghana West Africa.

6. SAMBA Foods Limited

SAMBA Foods Limited

Among the major food processing companies in Ghana is SAMBA Foods Limited, a wholly Ghanaian owned indigenous food processing and preservation business based in Tema, Greater Accra region around West Coast Dyeing Industries compound, Heavy Industrial Area. The company commenced operation in 1994 as a micro-enterprise. Today, it is a member of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and was the first to commercialize the production and distribution of the local traditional pepper sauce known as SHITO.

The Company also produces spices and as well as grades, sorts and roasts peanuts for further production into chocolate pebbles. SAMBA Foods serves as producer of the peanut butter paste used in the production of Choc Delight by the Cocoa Process Company (CPC).

The contact information for SAMBA Foods

Postal address: P.O.Box 186, Community 2 Tema


Tel: +233-244-694682

Fax: +233-265-084529

7. Piccadilly Biscuits Limited

Piccadilly Biscuits Limited

Picadilly Biscuits Limited is an affordable and wholesome biscuit brand that has been in existence in Ghana since the early 1960s. The company was established by Dr Samir Eid, a third-generation baker. Unlike imported biscuits, Piccadilly only bakes oven-fresh biscuits for its customers. The company is located in Accra, off the Palace Street North Kaneshie. It is known for popular brands like ‘Hye me ma’, the mainstay of many hungry students, ALL Time, Digestive, Malt and Milk biscuits, and Gem biscuits. The Gem biscuits are common during Christmas and are uniquely baked to an original recipe formulated in the UK over 150 years ago. The production unit of Piccadilly opens 6 a.m to 12 midnight from Monday to Saturday while the sales unit opens at 8 a.m and closes at 5 p.m.

Piccadilly Biscuits Limited contact information

Tel: +233 302 230 030 / +233 263 793 614



8. Eden Tree Limited

Eden Tree Limited

The company is located at Cambodia Estates, Community 18, Lashibi in Accra. The company has a track record of producing and distributing high-end fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in Ghana. This company does not just produce and supply its produce from its own farms in the Eastern and Volta regions of Ghana but also serves as one of the food packaging companies in Ghana. Eden Tree was incorporated in 1997 and has some of its products ‘Ghana Green Label’ certified; they are produced with food safety and environmental sustainability in mind.

The contact information for Eden Tree

Address: P. O. Box 165, Legon, Accra – Ghana.

Tel: +233 20 726 5066 / +233 50 129 6110 / +233 50 155 2781


9. Gee’s Fresh Point Limited

Gee’s Fresh Point Limited

Gee’s Fresh Point Limited is a guinea fowl processing company in Lamashegu, Tamale, Northern region. It was started in 2007 by Mr Kofi Gyamfi and has been incorporated since February 10th, 2015. The company’s products come from smallholder farmers in the Northern region. Gee’s Fresh Point Limited opens weekdays from Monday to Friday at 8 a.m and closes at 5 p.m. It only works from 8 a.m to 12 p.m on Saturdays. They are located on Plot 19 Lamashegu, Industrial Park, Tamale, Ghana.

For more information contact

Phone: +233 54 840 0244 / +233 20 785 8666

10. Blessed Child Foods

Blessed Child Foods

Blessed Child Foods is located at North Kaneshie, Accra near Demod Bus stop. Its offices are open for business from 9 a.m to 5 p.m Monday to Friday. Blessed Child Foods packages brown sugar and produces assorted nutritious food products like cereal-plus, Tom Brown, Dry Chilly Pepper Sauce and So-Tea made of organic soy and vanilla flavour.

Blessed Child Foods contact information

Post Office Box NT722, New-Town Accra

Tel: +233-277707666 / +233-242376586

E-mail: /