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Drinking Of My Own Pee And Applying It On My Body Has Given Me A Glowing Skin – Slay Queen


The news we hear this days is really shocking and disturbing.

How can one apply their own pee on their skin talkless of drinking it, but thats exactly what this slay queen clains she has been doing for the past months now.

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23yrs old Snap Chat girl from Abeka Lapaz claims drinking and applying her urine to have face and her entire body has given her a glowing skin.

She reveald that, her father gave her some tips when she was younger, and she’s been applying it ever since. She calls it the Urine Therapy.

“My dad told me about urine therapy when I was 19-years-old. He said ‘if you want to be a beauty queen use it on your face and your body.”‘

She took the advice and now drinks five ounces of urine twice weekly, whilst also applying it to her face because she claims it’s a skincare product.

“I rub my morning pee onto my face and use it like a moisturizer. You can leave it on for a couple of hours, or leave it on all day,” she said!

“Every night when you go to sleep you can put it on your face. For the first few days your face might look a bit raw because all the impurities will come out, but then it will become clear.”

“It’s good for healing scars and pimples. I pee into a travel spray bottle and then spray it into my hands and then rub it onto my face.

She added: “People don’t want to talk about it, they think it’s disgusting, but then they go and eat things like hot dogs, and they have no idea what is in hot dogs.

“I want to bring light to the fact that it can change your life without using all the chemicals that are in store-bought products.”