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Dad Reportedly Sells His Kidney To Pay For Daughter’s Education, But She Commits Suicide Because Of Her Boyfriend


A viral story about sacrifice and love has left many social media users in great surprise after a young lady reportedly took her life over relationship saga despite her dad’s earliest sacrifice to cater for her education.

According to a Twitter user, a lady whose father had paid a huge sacrifice to see her educated, left him devastated after she took her life.

The father had reportedly sold his kidney to pay for her school fees, unfortunately that sacrifice ended up being pointless after she was said to have committed suicide all because of her boyfriend.

Amanda Chinda who shared the story on Twitter, wrote; “Just heard a story about a dad who sold his kidney to pay his daughters fees then the girl committed suicide because of her boyfriend;  What is this” ~ See her post;

Here are few reactions from twitter users; @HDBrown7; Suicide? sad. Though trading his kidney to pay 4 her education does not strip her of personal choices. Had he invested half that sacrifice/ time schooling her to manage life’s vials ie. frustrations. She probably might still live. Schooling & education are 2 different things.

@wincadman; I’ve got a friend who has her father’s kidney. The father died a year later. She changed her life around to one that would make her father proud.

@AdedoyinDamilar; I go undead her o. Na kidney we dey talk about

@_deeday; Wait what?? After fulfilling father duties, one mumu pikin go dey die cause of boyfriend, abi boyfriend is mad ni?? abi she sef dey craze?? Cause na strong ment dey do am, na to call Angel wey dey gate make them no allow am pass heaven’s gate without proper deafing.

@judithkannu; Devil supposed block her from entering hell fire self.. Make e ban am, make she day roam up and dan tis world

@AlexOlabamiji; This is why I don’t Love and Trust too hard, everybody comes and goes, why yall don’t want to understand that, don’t you watch movies, abi you just watch movies and don’t learn from it.